Cancelled: Hexagon - A Comic by Don Diablo


From 9 April till 3 May we planned an exhibition in Storyworld about the making of Hexagon, a comic book series created by DJ Don Diablo and comprising of five magazines.

Because Storyworld will be closed until 1 June due to the recent developments around the corona virus, we unfortunately cancelled this exhibition. It's too early for us to say if we will be able to reschedule this exhibition later this year or next year. Please stay tuned!


About Hexagon

Together with American media company Impact Theory Don was able to fulfil a long time dream of his: the creation of his own comic book series. This became Hexagon. A story that will now be launched as five magazines.

Don came up wit the partially autobiographial story. Together with Michael Morecci (an experienced American comic author, known from Star Wars comics) and Tom Bilyeu (founder of Impact Theory) his brainchild was brought to the next level.

The story

Hexagon is about a lonely boy called Don, who is obsessed with a popular videogame called Crucible. Don wants to win the game at all costs but his dad forbids him to play.

When his dad is on a business trip Don and friends sneak out at night to go to an arcade. Back in the eighties this was the perfect place to play computergames. Don beats the game making him the hero of the evening. But his victory has big consequences. When aliens discover the game is beaten, they decide to come to earth. Unexpectedly Don finds himself in a battle between planets.

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About Don Diablo

Don Diablo (1980) his real name is Don Pepijn Schipper. He grew up in the Dutch province of Drenthe in a small town called Dalerveen.

Schipper has been a phenomenon in the DJ world for a number of years. He can be found in multiple top charts and has collaborated with several big names in the industry. He currently travels all over the world to perform. But next to that he made his passion project happen: Hexagon.

About Don Diablo