Storyworld Spotlight

Storyworld Spotlight

AINBO: Spirit of the Amazon

About AINBO and the 3D animation production process

Image AINBO © WW Entertainment

The new, magical 3D animated film AINBO: Spirit of the Amazon, screened in Dutch cinemas this summer. The film is a collaborative effort of Peruvian and Dutch animation studios and therefore we showed the production process of this wonderful animation in Storyworld until 29 August 2021.

The story of AINBO

Ainbo was born and grew up in the deepest jungle of the Amazon. One day she discovers that her homeland is being threatened. With the help of her spirit guides “Dillo” a cute and humorous armadillo and “Vaca” a heavy-set tapir, Ainbo embarks on a journey to save her homeland.

As she fights to save her paradise against the greed and exploitation by illegal miners, she struggles to reverse this destruction and the impending evil of the "Yacaruna”, the darkness that lives in the Amazon. Guided by her mother’s spirit, Ainbo is determined to save her land before it’s too late.

3D animation, how do they do it?

During this temporary exhibition you had the change to discover how a 3D animation is made and a 3D world comes to life. What does it take, for example, to make eyes blink, legs move or have the wind blow through someone's hair? How do you create a complete jungle in the computer?

You could also find out how voices are recorded and how important the correct intonation is. And you could see the film's storyboard, which is one of the most important tools to decide how events will be visualised in the film.

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This exhibition is not on display anymore.