Storyworld Spotlight

The Art of Loish

Dutch Digital artist

Illustration 1 Million © Lois van Baarle

Lois van Baarle - also known as Loish - is a leading light in the Netherlands when it comes to digital art because of her contributions to well-known animated films and computer games, and also her beautiful non-commissioned work.

Our temporarily exhibition The Art of Loish ran from Januari until June 2020. Did you miss it? If you are visiting Groningen, you can still come to Storyworld and see the amazing job she has done on co creating Aloy from the game Horizon Zero Dawn. Ans also, follow Lois on Instagram!

Van Baarle designs characters for animated films and computer games, including Horizon Zero Dawn (2017). At present, however, she is enjoying her greatest success with her non-commissioned work, which often features young women. Sometimes dreamy, but usually strong and independent. These portraits have brought her international acclaim.

Biography of Lois van Baarle

Lois van Baarle (11 October 1985) studied animation at HKU University of the Arts Utrecht. Her final-year film, Trichrome Blue (2009), was shown at various animated film festivals and received an HKU award.

After her degree, she dedicated herself to creating concept art. She collaborated on TV commercials, documentaries and computer games, including The Stanwick Legacy (2012), Mercy of the Gallows (2013) and Horizon Zero Dawn (2017).

Van Baarle also creates non-commissioned works. Much of this can be admired on her Instagram account.