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Hisko Hulsing Done/Undone

Admire the work of Hisko Hulsing

Image Undone © Amazon Studios

Until 4 July 2021 we shined the spotlight on the work of animation maker and director Hisko Hulsing at Storyworld. Hulsing gained international fame for his award-winning short films such as Junkyard (2012) and directed the animation scenes in the Kurt Cobain documentary Montage of Heck (2015).

For Amazon Prime, Hulsing produced the series Undone, an animation series for adults considered by many critics as one of the best television series of 2019. A special feature of his work are the oil paintings used for the backgrounds. Some of his paintings will be on display at Storyworld and we will also focus on projects that Hulsing hopes to realise in the future.

This Spotlight is finished

From 5 June until 4 July 2021 our visitors were able to discover how animations are made and what is so unique about Hisko Hulsing’s work.

Who is Hisko Hulsing?

Hisko Hulsing (7 July 1971) studied painting at the art academy in Rotterdam. After taking a short course in animation as an extra subject, he decided to change his plans for the future. Inspired by the unlimited possibilities of the animation medium, he chose to become a filmmaker.

With great dedication to special animation projects, Hulsing has progressed in recent years from novice animator to Hollywood director. Painting on canvas has always remained an important part of his work. Unexpected things can happen when oil paint is used, creating a warmer, more vibrant final result.